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FelixArchief/Antwerp City Archives

The FelixArchief is Antwerp's place to be to discover the rich memory of the city. The majority of the stored documents originate from the city government and its administration. Thanks to donations, archives from Antwerp companies, organizations and families found their home in their collection. All these archives tell us big and smaller stories about Antwerp, from the early 12th century until today.

The FelixArchief stores more than 30 kilometers paper documents and at least 33 TB digital (digital born and digitized) archives. The different archives reflect the cultural activities from the Antwerpians and are an important source for historical research.

A few of their 'masterpieces' are:

  • The Insolvente Boedelskamer archives. These documents form a unique sample sheet of the economical life in Antwerp from 1700 until 1900. It is part of the UNESCO world heritage Memory of the World.
  • The wall map of the Netherlands by Blaeu (17th century)
  • A photo collection by Edmond Fierlants from 1860
  • The rich archives of the Ostend Company, the Antwerp Zoo, and the Port of Antwerp
  • The early 16th century map of the Schelde. 

FelixArchief/Antwerp City Archives
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