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1. Congrès International des Sciences géographiques, cosmographiques et commerciales, Antwerp, 1871.

Read the story of the very first international conference on geography that took in Antwerp from 14th to 22nd August, 1871. Illustrated with original documents from the collection of the Antwerp City Archives/FelixArchief. 

This part of the exhibition is based entirely upon the work by Dr. Jan Vandersmissen; Geschiedenis van het eerste internationaal aardrijkskundig congres (Antwerpen, 1871).

2. History of the KAGA

The people behind the first Conference were also the founding fathers of a society that became known as the 'Royal Antwerp Geographical Society' (in Dutch ‘Koninklijk Aardrijkskundig Genootschap van Antwerpen’ or simply ‘KAGA’).

3. Notable Figures

The KAGA invited explorers, geographers and other scientists to give lectures and presentations on their discoveries and their view of the world.

4. De Gerlache's Expedition with the 'Belgica'

Thanks to advanced techniques such as GPS, we are today able to map even the most remote lands of our globe, but in the nineteenth century areas such as the Antarctic regions were still terra incognita. However, that would soon change with one Belgian explorer...

5. Livre d'Or

The KAGA's visitor's book or 'Livre d'Or' (Golden Book) is filled with signatures by many of the scientists who gave a lecture or were given a golden medal by the KAGA. Often there is also a beautiful little painting of the subject of the lecture on the page.